Hopeful Me

It’s a sunny honey day in our neck of the woods. My kiddos have been reading their new library books in forts and hammocks, all day long.

Hello lazy summer afternoons. I just wanted take this moment to be grateful. To pause and honor the beauty that my life is.

It’s been a bit of a bumpy road, full of feelings, priceless moments, unexpected turns and bends in the road. And you know what, I love all of it. I never thought my life would look quite like it does. My original vision had more of a prince-and-happily-ever-after ending. But that was the cartoon version. In this real story, there is a heroine who has made her own way with sweat and tears. And three of the cutest helpers on the planet.

I know a few friends that are going through challenging times right now. We have our days around here too. But in this world with kid’s movies named “Despicable Me”, I’m just suggesting we take a moment to focus on what is beautiful, possible and what we can be grateful for.

Call me an optimist or romantic but I want to see a movie entitled, “Hopeful Me”. Where the main character is a young woman who lives in a city with a lot of darkness. Knowing there is more, she searches for light and hope. Finding some, she shares it with her neighbors and then they share, and so on. Until people aren’t afraid to come out if their houses anymore. And green things grow out of the ground and people smile, all because she believed in hope.

I’m taking this moment to be grateful for the life I live. Join me, it can’t hurt right?

This moment is beautiful. And I’m Alive!



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