Kids are awesome

Tonight my kids were literally bouncing off the walls. My 8 year old likes to climb the wall in the hallway until he touches the ceiling.

Mama could have used some chillin’ while watching a cooking show this eve. I tried that for a minute but the trampoline cannonballs in the family room made it hard to hear the ingredients for BBQ sauce.

I sighed and turned off the tv. Mama rest time is AFTER bedtime. Silly me! I gave us each a square of sea salt chocolate and we headed out the door. One “frog tiger”, one “cheetah” and their tamer/big sister and me.

We walked, chased, played hide and seek, leapfrogged and sang songs. Man, how I love these kids! All of a sudden, the lame mama from the couch turned into fun mama. My kids joy is so infectious, it’s just rubs off easily on me.

We came home and played basketball and airplane on mama’s feet. We laughed in the grass. What a delight.

The moral of the story is get off the couch. And repeat. Our kids are magic, and they will inspire you, if you are willing to get off the couch.


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