Pressing onward

We all have days when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Today, it was this gal. It’s a gloriously beautiful day in Olympia and I wanted to play outside but, I had work deadlines.

Not only did I want to play outside, I wanted all of my responsibilities to figure themselves out. Childcare, work responsibilities all figured out while a sipped a delicious beverage in the sun.

Guess if that happened. Um, not.

Instead, I worked through my lunch break. Picked up kids, got take out for dinner, came home and worked. And drank water as I remembered, which was not so much.

Not my finest hour, but real.

So, tomorrow will be a new day. That’s one if the coolest things about this road called life…free opportunities in every new day.

As I press the wrinkles out of my linen skirt for tomorrow, I iron out the wrinkles if today. Exhaling, I get ready for tomorrow to be straight up awesome.


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