If a mom goes to look for her keys…

If a mom goes to look for her keys,
she will notice the laundry needs to be done.

Starting the laundry,
she will find her son’s wallet.

Giving the wallet to her son, she will notice he is missing a shoe.

Encouraging him to check the trunk of the car for his shoe,
she remembers she needs to find her other son.

Going to find her son,
she finds him in the bathroom.

Finding him in the bathroom,
she helps him with the toilet paper which is “having trouble”.

Walking down the stairs,
she notices his carseat.

Remembering the carseat needs to be in the car,
she goes to put it in there.

Behind to the car,
she sees the basketball hoop.

Not wanting to back the car into it,
she moves the 300 lb. beast,

Seeing the car,
she gets in to drive to the grocery store.

Remembering she is going to the grocery store,
she gets out to get the reusable grocery bags.

In the front seat,
she notices she forgot her keys…

so she gets out to look for them.

(Story inspire by actual events.)


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