Sparkles in the afternoon sun

Shiny pieces catch my eye
glittering in the afternoon sun.

I feel excited viewing their sparkly welcome.

I notice i’m searching for one image in particular. One I have seen before but lost somehow.

It’s a rare one I look for, I know that,
but still I scour the landscape anyways.


To find this jewel that seems to radiate light from within.


It’s out their shining, like it does,

Maybe it found its way into someone else’s pocket.

Or maybe it’s hidden under other rocks it imagines to be bigger than it.

Or maybe, it’s not mine to keep.

Maybe it’s just beautiful. And it shines when the light hits it at the just right time.

I wonder it it knows how special and brilliant it is.

Or if it thinks it’s just another rock.

I feel lucky to have seen it so up close.

Wherever it is,

I know it’s in just the right place,

and it is shining beautifully.

And if I never find it again, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

I will remember fondly it’s sparkle in the afternoon sun.


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