Cheers to Friday!

What a week!

I worked Sunday to prep for a big meeting the next day. My 10 year old daughter taught me how to make a PowerPoint. Thank goodness for her!

Monday was our campaign coordinator kickoff. It felt great to facilitate a group of people who are inspired to make our community strong and who care about their neighbors.

After work, I picked up the kids and it was smoothies and haircuts for all.

Tuesday after my management team meeting, I spend the day training our newest staff member and Wednesday too.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights we came home, made dinner and lunches, put away laundry and drove remote control cars, the usual.

Thursday started early with a meeting with our new campaign chair who said “yes” to a number of really needed agenda items. After more staff training, we had a big strategy session on how to encourage corporate philanthropy in our community. Great progress made!

It was the last day if summer camp, so I took the kids out to Mexican food for dinner. And a trip to the fabric store for sew-on patches to individualize the kid’s new backpacks (which are made out of recycled bottles – so cool!)

Friday led to community collaborations, new contracts, long phone conversations and then…

Mama left the office. I treated myself to new wine glasses, and wine to go in it. With my daughter at a sleepover, the boys and I made homemade pizzas and snuggled in to watch a movie. It was a good week. And a well deserved Friday night of relaxation.

Happy weekend to you!



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