It’s a red hot day.

1235944_10202068959069002_6358054_nIt all started when I pulled out my red patent leather 3 inch heels. I knew it was a big day. So I figured, “Go big or go home”.

Today was our fundraising kickoff for the fall season. My work is to raise a whole lot of money to help those in need in our community. Instead of the usual speeches about why giving is important and statistics about the level of need in our community, I decided to kick it up a notch. Yes, it’s important to give and support our community. And, it can be fun. Our keynote speaker’s business won the “Hottest new workplace campaign” two years ago. So when he got up to the podium to talk about his “hotness” award and said, ” we are on fire.” I had a fire truck parked outside and firefighters rushed to the stage and “put him out”. The audience loved it. Especially the women, or so I assume from the hollering. They were wearing t-shirts under their bunker gear to support our cause. The audience looked up from their salads and took notice, I think we got their attention and that is half the battle. The other half is getting people involved. Our campaign chair issued a challenge to get involved and become the new hottest workplace campaign by giving to our community, volunteering or championing a cause you believe in.  It was a big hit with this crowd of business leaders.

After our presentation, I thanked the firefighters for their help and we took a few pictures. I even wore a firefighter coat, goodness those are heavy. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. We are baking them cupcakes to say thank you.


It was a red hot day in other ways too. Yesterday was 75 degrees, today 90. Climate change is happening people. I certainly didn’t mind today but just sayin.

After work, I kicked off those red heels and made dinner for the fam.  Just as I was settling in for the evening, I got into a big argument with a family member. I think steam was coming out of my ears, or at a minimum I was seeing red. Instead of stewing, I marched my frustrated self downstairs and hit the treadmill. Oh, how I love that thing. Much cheaper than therapy and I don’t even need an appointment.

With the steam let out, I went upstairs to tuck my sweet kiddos into bed. I painted my daughter’s fingernails. Not red, but hot pink and blue.

It was a red hot day. A good day. I wonder what color tomorrow will be?



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