Pepperoni pizza makes dinner about love

This story is about pepperoni and my children’s occasional deep love for it. It was a Wednesday evening my first week working full time. It was the beginning of fall and the kids were just back at school.

Driving home after a long day I realized I had no interest or energy left to make dinner. I pulled in and parked at our local awesome pizza joint, ordered $46 worth of pizza and a glass of wine for this lady to sip as the pizza was made.

And then I just sat. I didn’t read, or surf Facebook on my phone. Just sat. The customers must have thought I was crazy. Who does that anymore? It was the best antidote to a full day. How often to we do that in the hustle/bustle of the day?

As I sipped and self soothed, I could feel the stress of the day melting away. By the time the pizza was hot, I was a new woman.

I walked in the door with huge pizzas to happy kids greeting me with “pizza!!!” It’s amazing how melted cheese on some dough with their friend pepperoni brings such gleeful responses.

I kicked off my heels and we had a floor picnic. Just me, the three kids I had missed all day and a pepperoni pizza making our connection easy tonight. We talked over our day and shared funny stories over bites of stretched cheese. Smiles made dinner clean up easy tonight. Priceless.

Thanks pepperoni pizza, you rock.


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