Water in motion

Raindrops in motion,
Creating sweet music on my window pane.

Like the opening of dawn.

At first, just a whisper.
Cascading jewels from the heavens,
nourishment for the earth.

With growing intensity,
rain pours down from the sky,
a statement from the Heavens,
that we are but guests in Mother Nature’s world.

Puddles start to form,
raindrops splash,
creating tiny diamonds in the street light’s reflection.

On the rain comes,

Until slowly,
the symphony starts to hush.
Elegant drops dripping from light posts and tree limbs.

A calm quiet fills the air,
the earth expressing it’s reverence for the sky’s blessing.

I too,
share gratitude
for this beautiful dance of
water in motion.


One thought on “Water in motion

  1. Hi Honey, Your writing reminds me so much of mine at a certain point in my life. It’s when I had something printed in the “New Times”, I think it was called. I’ve saved these precious creations in a folder all these years. It was a window when writings seemed to pour forth as gifts to be given. There’s something about this shorter form that lets the energies of the heart, and of a love for the beauty of nature, speak quite loudly.

    How powerful to magnify God reality and beauty and truth in ourselves, in others, and in the world! So needed in these times when so much is being focused upon of their opposites! Loving you, beautiful and precious one of God, and your ability to magnify the truth! Sending a rainbow hug, Mom

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