Word for the day: Cheerful

It’s been raining in our neck of the words, for days! The government shut down, a friend was just diagnosed with cancer. Talk about an opportunity to be depressed!

I woke up being annoyed with some of the events of the past few days. And then I remembered what a dear love used to day, “Our choice is our reaction to the situation”.

Right, we have a choice! I hopped out of bed, put in the playlist named “fun” and decided to be cheerful. I’m just tired of letting world events run my emotions. How does it help if we dwell on the negative stuff? How about spreading a little joy instead? Smile at someone as you walk by, wear bright colors, call your mom, hug your kids and commit to loving the moment you are in.

There is sunshine on the Olympic Mountains amidst a gray sky this morning. Perhaps as a reminder that there is always light and beauty, you just have to remember to look for it.

Have and beautiful (and cheerful) day!



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