Fabulous fall for this family of four

Howdy y’all!

What a fall season! Soccer, birthdays, full-time promotion for mama, and music and more music.

Let’s start with music. I’ve been a singer all my life. In my teens and 20’s I was pretty good and traveled to Europe on a singing tour. I know, who knew, right?! Practicing for 4-8 hours a week took it’s toll and I felt burnt out for honestly, a long time. I picked up singing nursery rhymes when my babies were born. Thinking of humming them to sleep, still warms me up like hot cocoa on a chilly day. As my little ones have grown, I have begun to sing new songs, and maybe with friends or the guitar or with kiddos. And I have to say, I’m starting to love it again, in a new way. When I was practicing and training as a younger me, it was all dictated and rehearsals and intricate melodies in multiple languages. These days, mama just gets to pick what she wants to and sing it. How about that for joyful liberation?! What am I singing these days? Some India Aire, a bit of Mary Lambert, a little Billie Holiday and a smattering of Adele. I also throw in some Ceelo, Joss Stone and Micheal Franti for fun.

On to soccer. Soccer Disclaimer: I own and operate a minivan, and my kid plays soccer, so therefore qualify as a soccer mom by the commonly held definition. Just sayin’. I also happen to love watching my daughter play, like a lot. My kiddo is a tall one. I wasn’t quite sure she would take to soccer. After several seasons, I’m happy to say my girl is rockin’ it. I would happily stand in the rain with frozen toes and cheer at the top of my lungs as my girl races from one side of the field to another, any day. Watching her rain-streaked gleeful face as she hi-fives a teammate, worth it, all of it.

In September I started working full-time. It’s a busy season for us. I’m attending a lot of fundraising dinners, public speaking engagements, and work sessions to make our nonprofit fundraising strategies shine. Sure it’s long hours and there is more work than time to do it in, but it’s good work. Work that I come home and share with my family, and feel good about it.

Birthdays- I have two kiddos with October birthdays. Each year my Mom and I start planning earlier and earlier to make it feel less stressful. This year I think we started in July! One was an outdoor adventure party with a scavenger hunt, a game of omnivore, carnivore, herbivore, cake, “The Princess Bride” movie and a sleepover. I had a blast, I think my kiddo did too!

The next weekend, we had a Halloween dance party birthday with costumes, hide and seek, tag, cake, “Epic” the movie and a sleepover. It turns out I can do a sleepover with six kids and still get up and make french toast and carve pumpkins the next day. I think we all had a great time. By the way, my recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds is pretty awesome, and I’m happy to share it.

This week holds Halloween, and we are looking forward to trick-or-treating with friends again this year. Happy Halloween, from our house to yours!


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