Ode to Autumn leaves

Our backyard is home to some of the most glorious Maple trees I have ever seen. We have 5 or 6 that tower over the house and shed their huge leaves in this season.

It started in late August. One morning as I sipped tea and ate oatmeal with blueberries, a yellow-brown leaf cascaded down and landed itself right next to my bowl. As if a gentle welcome and acknowledgement of the season’s change.

In September, the leaves started to fall more steadily. Leaves the size of dinner plates, lending autumn colors to the green lawn. An interwoven pattern, beautiful to view from the window. A walk through leaves, bringing music to the ears. The symphony of crunching leaves as we walk slowly through.

In October, we raked huge piles. Six kids and I with rakes, until it was jumping time. And they did, over and over until dusk arrived and the air turned cool. Memories made with neighborhood friends, priceless.

It’s November, this weekend we raked up the remainder of the leaves. It was a blue sky day, I worked for hours, dancing with my rake when no one was looking. The kids stopped riding bikes and playing basketball to wagon our treasures to the compost where they can turn into rich soil for our garden in the spring.

We could have mowed the leaves up or turned on one of those leaf blowers but I’m so thankful we didn’t. All of the raking, laughter, and hard work makes the transition to a new season seem right on cue. We are ready for the air to turn crisper and frost to collect on the grass, all because of our dance with the autumn leaves. Our hearts warmed by good exercise, the vibrant colors and the smell in the air, this is our ode to Autumn leaves.

Happy Fall from our house to yours!




One thought on “Ode to Autumn leaves

  1. You are in such a creative flow! I love these times when the “writer” comes forth in us to celebrate life and enrich others by sharing our refreshing revelations! How beautiful to experience your heart and mind giving birth to such rich treasures of life! No doubt “writing” that carries this hue of inspiring experiences and rainbow light, is one of the rich treasures in the heavenly backpack you carry with bearing gifts for your world! Loving you! Mom

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