Dear Tuesday, Thanks for keeping it interesting!

Today was 12 hour day. It started with the usual, breakfast, singing in the shower, kiddos to school. Followed by the weekly management team meeting and then it started to get interesting. (Not that the above mentioned activities aren’t interesting, but they are routine).

As part of my job as a Development Director for a nonprofit, I often lend a hand to companies that are raising funds to support our mission.

Today I served chili to software engineers. Not just any chili mind you. But, I’ll get to that in minute. For $5, you could taste 6 different types of chili plus receive a big bowl of chili with cornbread at the end. On the menu, we had Bison chili, Southwest chicken chili, Turkey chili with beer and chocolate, Lentil chili, Very veggie chili and of course the one I got to serve….Roadkill chili. I’m not joking. A number of us were making guesses on the ingredients that might go into the roadkill chili…Opossum, raccoon, squirrel, or skunk anyone? It turns out it was beef, but boy was that entertaining.

On the drive back to the office, to be efficient, I was dictating an email into my phone. Sometimes this app is spot on translating my words into text, today however…not so much. I showed it to the staff in my team meeting, let’s just say they were crying from laughing so hard. I think I will make a few edits before pushing send on that email!!

Since I didn’t have time to eat lunch during the chili cook-off, (silly me!) I used my lunch break to go see a possible new house with my Mom and a good friend. So many good qualities about this place, and a couple of challenges too. Big choice moving with kids, glad I have people that love me by my side!

After the house, I grabbed a salad, powered out emails and headed off to a meeting with the heads of the local women’s organizations. After 2 hours of cheese, wine and collaborations, we decided to move forward with some new opportunities to support women and families in our community.

When I came home, my little ones were all cozy in their jammies with full tummies thanks to an awesome babysitter. An email from school came saying my kiddo had a tough day in class. After an exhale, we had a good conversation about what being a good friend means and how important it is that we choose kind people to spend our time with. I love learning moments like this, for both of us.

It was a long one, but a good day.


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