Stone Soup Sunday

imagesFor as long as I can remember, I have loved having friends over on Sunday evenings. In Portland, our house build in 1896 had a huge covered porch which we filled with friends in any season.

This Sunday we started a new tradition “Stone soup Sunday”. You may remember the story. I read this children’s book to my kids at least 100 times. A traveler comes to town and knocks on a couple of doors to ask for food. Each of the neighbors says no because they did not have enough to share themselves, only garlic at one house and potatoes at another.  Disheartened but wise, the traveler puts a big pot of water on to boil in the town square. He puts in a stone and stirs it lovingly. A curious neighbor comes out and asks the traveler what he is making, “stone soup”, he replies. The traveler mentions how much better it would go with some garlic, the neighbor leaves and reappears with garlic and throws it in. Another neighbor brings potatoes, another some kale, and so on until the pot is brimming with deliciousness and plenty for the whole town to enjoy.

Tonight, we made stone soup from onions, squash, garlic, potatoes, garbanzo beans, thyme and kale. It was the most delicious soup ever. Made from just want we had with people that we care about. It wasn’t fancy or complex, just simple, warm and plenty to go around.

Just like the story, we spent time with friends old and new, over a steaming pot of soup. It warms the soul in more ways than one.


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