Movers, Shakers and Memory Makers

20131109-152819.jpgThis week, I had the opportunity to attend our local YWCA’s Women of Achievement award ceremony. The theme for the year was 1940’s, I had fun dressing up like my beautiful Grandma Edie.

This year, three of my friends were honored. One for her ground breaking work in the field of food justice, another for her commitment to education for all and another for her work in science and philanthropy.

This was and inspiring night. Hearing about the “Sheroes”in their lives that and inspired them into service and the missions they work towards with their time, heart and effort.

I want to be a woman of achievement when I grow up. Standing strong and true for what you believe in, just like Rosie the Riveter”.

Upon leaving the evening, I asked myself, “What do I stand for?, What is my mission?”

So many things.

I am a strong woman, a loving mother and partner, an advocate for empowerment, equality and sustainability, a committed volunteer, a world traveler, and a life long student of spirituality. That’s for starters.

What about you? What is your mission? And what do you stand for? Asking ourselves these questions is the first step. Sure we could watch TV or distract ourselves from the world around us. But how is that being of service and living the life you were meant to live?

Ask yourself who you are and what you are here to do? And then take action towards that goal just has the Movers, Shakers and Memory Makers before you.

Shine bright!


One thought on “Movers, Shakers and Memory Makers

  1. Your truth and God reality is so beautiful! It makes my heart sing to hear of you having these experiences, shared in your last two posts; and reminds me of my journey to find my mission, passion, reason for being here. Loving you! Mom

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