Moments of Splendor

downloadToday I’m taking a moment to reflect on love. Big, bold, heart-open, love. Love floats our boat and puts wind in our sails.

Sometimes we see it staring back at us, and other times it’s a warm feeling radiating to our kids, loved ones, nature, God. Sometimes love is so present in our moments, other times when life gets challenging, we can literally forget what love feels like. It’s always there and always available to us.

Take this morning for example, my daughter is starting to be a tween. She doesn’t always agree with what I suggest these days. She grumbles at me and I roll my eyes at her (or the other way around) and we work out the space called “growing up” together. Do we still love each other? Without question. From the moment I looked upon her tiny face, she became one of the great loves of my life, and will be always. No amount of not doing her laundry or stretching boundaries will change how my heart smiles when I look at her. My darling girl.

Love come in so many shapes and sizes. Love of a child, a parent, a best friend and a life partner. We mostly hear and write about romantic love. The kind that gives you butterflies and makes you forget to eat lunch for a few days. There are industries based on romantic love -romance novels, poetry, music, movies. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had moments in my life that have felt like a movie. An evening date with sweetheart, walking through downtown, fingers interlaced, stumbling upon a cupcake shop that seemed open just for us. Candles, and home-cooked dinners for two, chocolate eaten slowly from my love’s outstretched hand.

These moments are pictures that run in the slide show in my brain. These moments and so many more have filled my life, and continue too. Rich, heartfelt, caring – my life is filled with love.

For some reason, it is so much easier to write sad poetry and heartbreak words than to write about the love that fills my live. Why is that? Is it that we are programmed to not boast about our successes or we will sound like we are bragging? Or that we are just used to focusing on what needs to be fixed, not what is working?

Either way, how about taking just a moment to enjoy the splendor in your life. The treasures, smiles, hugs, and sweet moments that make up your life. These are our moments of splendor. Enjoy!

evening walk



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