Thank You to the Wind

A crisp Autumn morning.

A morning walk.

Leafless trees
stand tall,
strong and majestic.

Evergreens tower,
honorable and true.

Fall leaves,
scattered at my feet in an intricate mosaic.

In the distance,
I hear the wind.

Beautiful, powerful, strong, fluid.

I notice,
This morning my heart is heavy.

A rush
A breeze
Cool against my cheek.

Sweet wind.

I have longed for your mysterious ways.
I release.
I let go.

Swirling, movement
I watch and notice.

I turn,
watching the wind rush past me,
my concerns taken away
on the winds trail.

My focus, renewed.
I feel open to love and laughter with new found vigor.

Thank you wind.

The future feels clear,
open in front of me.

All thanks to
the magic
and movement
the wind.


One thought on “Thank You to the Wind

  1. Honey, This is so beautiful, very inspiring! I’m so grateful you are sharing these God realizations! In a word of challenge, what a gift to focus upon the beauty, as where our attention goes our energy flows. It’s so very life-changing when we can change the dial, as you beautifully did; and share this so the ripples go out into the pool of consciousness that is magnetized to find you, those in your soul mandala at some level. Beautiful! Love you, Mom

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