On the open sea

I am a sailor,
out on the wide open sea.
The sun at my back,
the horizon my direction.

When I started out it was all new to me. I didn’t know how to sail so I stared down into the ocean,
curious about its mystic depths.
After awhile, my eyes started to hurt from straining to see and my neck got a crick in it. After quite sometime if doing that I realized, I was going in circles.

One day, I looked up. I saw with new bravery where I wanted to go and it wasn’t deep in the ocean anymore.

Now, I look forward. I see so much more than I did before. Possibility, expansiveness, trust.

The whole world seems open. There is so much beauty to see and explore.

A saw a bluebird fly by. Beautiful bird, I used to be fascinated by them, their song, industrious nature and beauty. And while they are lovely, it’s the eagle that catches my gaze these days. Soaring majestic and effortless. I am in awe watching their graceful movement and clear sense of direction. No more little wings flapping, just soaring from here on out.

Seeing the vast horizon in the distance, I go about learning sails and ropes. And then, I take off. Gliding easily towards the open sea.

It’s time. Time to focus on the horizon, and sail steadfastly in the direction I am meant to go.

Happy sailing.



One thought on “On the open sea

  1. Such treasures! Yes, you are definitely an eagle, and with the winds of the Holy Spirit in your sails, there’s no telling how vast is your wing span, and how blessed will be those who (who like Jonathan Livingston Seagull) also have the courage to take flight into new dimensions of consciousness, and to experience new victories of what it means to be a spiritual being living in a human form and moving with the winds of spirit. Loving you! Mom

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