So much to say

I have so much to say to just the right person.

Discussions on the subject of turquoise, and if it’s truly green or blue? How cold this evening is, and how breathtaking the sky? What color should we paint the bathroom and where do we want to go on vacation?

I want the calm, easy, fluid conversation of two people that know each other well. Two people that can say I love you with the brush of a hand against a shoulder in the misdst of raising a gaggle of kids. I want projects like raised beds and mosaic stepping stones. I want to rake leaves and jump in them together when we are old. I want laughter that rises up from inside our bellies and tickles us joyfully.

I see warm soups, sweet music and candles filling our home. I see bringing you a cup of coffee and a kiss while you work. I see dinner parties with friends and a secret gaze at each other across the table.

Maybe I will have to walk a little while longer before this happens, but I know this vision to be true. Someday I will share this life with someone who wants to listen, when I have so much so say.

Until then, kids and friends fill my days and nights, life is rich and abundance. My house is filled with warm soup smells and laughing kids.

As we go into Thanksgiving next week, I am truly grateful. I know when it’s time to share what we are thankful for, I will have so much to say.


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