Gratitude for this beautiful day

Today was a delicious day filled with many things to he grateful for.

As a small nonprofit, we are constantly trying to make community change happen, on a limited budget. Today a new volunteer dropped from the sky. He has a high level of expertise and is jumping right in starting tomorrow!

Tonight was our Leadership giving reception to thank our largest donors. We filled a beautiful historic old house with local foods and wines and people that love our mission. Our guest speaker is the medical director for our local free clinic. Her words were so beautifully crafted. She started by saying that people give because they are motivated by love, that it starts a chain reaction that helps those who need it the most. So beautiful. The caterer gave me flowers, left over goodies, and an auction item worth $500 dollars. The Winemaker gave me the last freshly made macaroon… Heaven.

Then I did something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, I got brave. I went over to house of someone important to me and told him things I’ve wanted to say for a very long time. I hope he really heard me, because I meant it all from the heart. And even if we never end up together again, I told him. I’m so proud of me.

I came home to the sounds of sweet kid feet running down the stairs and big huggy arms.

I am grateful.


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