Scraps of fabric,
Scattered here and there.

Some silky and smooth,
some made of rich velvet,
a few pieces worn thin,
but still important,
others made of strong corduroy,
and others playful cotton patterns.

All of these,
beautiful in their own way,
until now,
piled on top of each other in the corner.

I’m taking them out if the corner.

Sitting down to look at them,
I feel their textures,
I notice their colors.
A deep appreciation washes over me.

I gather a needle and thread.
With strong hands,
intention as the needle,
the thread,
I begin.

Connecting pieces,
one at a time,
weaving them together with love and intention.

Reliving moments and that have brought us here.

My hands tired,
My eyes well up with grateful tears,
I step back and look at the beauty.

So many years,
So many moments,
I thought disconnected,
Until I took the time,
with intention,
with love,
to connect them all together.

Now I see,
the pieces,
all important,
as they make up,
this patchwork quilt.

Tonight I finished it.

I didn’t know how big it would turn out to be.
I didn’t see how all the scraps,
fit perfectly together,
until I took out the thread
and started to weave it through.

Warm and comfortable,
color and texture,
this patchwork quilt,
is a beautiful symbol of
a life woven with love.


One thought on “Patchwork

  1. Yes! Beautiful! How beautiful the patchwork of our lives when seen from the vision of wholeness! Truly the patchwork of life, held together with the strongest energy on earth, the love of our hearts, matched with the vision of our minds, filled with the causes for which we have come, and made possible by the living fire of our hearts’ intention. Loving you! Mom

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