Green vibrant leaves,
coloring this tree.

It’s been awhile now,
I’ve been watching and waiting.

Lush and thick,
leaves shining in the easy sunlight.

Green buds,
hinting of color,
stand on branches full.

I’ve been watching this tree for a long time.

that someday soon,
it would blossom.

I looked out the window,
and spring looked back at me.

The softest pink blossoms,
dotted all over the tree.

The sweetest welcome.

My hands warm surrounding my teacup,
I exhale a long held breath,
and think to myself,
I’m glad to be home.


One thought on “Blossom

  1. How precious! Just like you! Yes, a vision held in your heart for a long time has come, praise God. In God’s timing, which reveals itself as carrying so many perfect elements, and shows, just like the tree with the green buds, that God’s great love for you has manifested some wonderful details in this blossoming picture! The name of your address! The walk in closet, unique and relaxing special tub, special wood stove, artistic touches, landlady, timing to bring all this light in what can be a dark time of year, tree house for the children, proximity to old friends, and so much more. How wonderful to release our breaths of thanksgiving into the arms and heart of God’s great love!

    Celebrating with you, the manifestation of a long held dream! Mom

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