Trust grows here

Trust grows in the oddest places.

The rhododendron beneath the evergreen trusts the tree not to squelch it’s growth.

The evergreen protective of the rhododendron thankful for the color and shade at its roots.

The Seagull dropping clams from its mouth onto the beach. The Seagull hungry and thankful for the rocks. The beach thankful for a beautiful shell and the nutrients to add to its shore.

Nature’s patterns work so well together.

It seems to take humans much longer to get the point sometimes.

We can learn from natures flow,
trusting in what we know to be true,
and letting the rest figure itself out,
without trying to control it.

Feeling scared or alone isn’t bad,
just signals to notice,
like the wind against our cheek,
or the sand running through our hands.

Walking a new path can be beautiful but also a little scary at times.

I’m walking a new path these days and it’s both beautiful and scary.

Tall trees are my strength,
flowering bushes surround me as love,
and surprisingly as I bend down to observe the underbrush,
I see,
trust growing as the ground cover.

I didn’t expect to see trust growing on this walk.
A good sign,
both that I’m going the right direction
and that trust can grow in this forest.

I see my destination in the distance.
It feels like I’ve been walking for a long time.
The trees start to open up, more flowers bloom,
and I can tell,
I’m finally,
coming home.


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