Observations on a rainy day

I took a minute today, just to observe. My anthropological brain noticing patterns and traditions. I sip my soy vanilla steamer, on a gray and drizzly day, and just notice.

Mini pink umbrella held tightly in a little girl’s hand.

Fashionable mom and teenager, twins.

Flannel clad evergreen student, carrying purchases in a box, not plastic bags.

Older woman listening to a favorite oldie on the radio before braving the rain.

Middle-aged couple rushing to the next activity.

Clickity, clack – heels of a mom picking up groceries for dinner.

Toddler telling his mom an exciting idea.

Raincoats, sweatshirts, t-shirts.

The speed of the shoppers.

The challenge and length of time it takes for a elderly woman to put groceries in the car,
juxtaposed with the multitasking cell phone walk-and-talker,
texting with one hand, a large new pillow in the other, walking.

Some embrace the rain with laughter, others scrunch up their faces as if in pain.

Isn’t that how it is in life?

Will you rush through it, or smile knowingly?

Observing the passersby today, I’m reminded life is a gift.

I’m opening it up, savoring it and smiling at the rain, as if it is a long lost friend.

How will you choose to embrace this day?


2 thoughts on “Observations on a rainy day

  1. No rain to embrace here in California, but this morning I spent some time watching dozens of birds flit from birch to redwood to mulberry tree……..catching the first few rays of sunshine. Then the fire started…….Japanese maple simply ablaze in my front window each morning.

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