Which way is home?

with heartfelt direction towards beauty and warmth in the distance.

Walking over obstacles in my pathway,
open for newness,
welcoming love and freedom.

Stacking boxes of treasures,
moving through clutter to clean.
On the way to our destination.

All the while dreaming of a new space for us, a fresh start.

Today, a wrench showed up in the pathway. A change in direction or just a detour,

A reminder that on the pathway we are always already home.

A reminder that we live in this moment,
Not when we show up in our destination,
The pathway is the journey and the destination.

Here’s to feeling home.
We are already here.


One thought on “Which way is home?

  1. Christmastime in the heart.

    Some say: “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

    In his life of demonstrating the Christ qualities of the truth of ourselves and the power we have to stand in the light of our Mighty “I AM Presence” in the midst of all circumstances, he left many gems of truth as “markers” of footprints on the pathway.

    In His representation of truth – being a son (sun) of God, he has been a key “way-shower” in my own journey to find my truth and walk in it.

    Walking in this for me continues to be the seeing and taking off of “old garments” of consciousness and putting on new ones of light. I have kept closely in my heart a number of his messages. I think the key message for me has been: The kingdom of heaven is within.

    Keys I’ve found to opening this golden door have been gratitude, humility (for all there is yet to discover of truth in life) peace, an unwavering belief of the power of God in me to stand in the midst of the challenges of life, and the ever present love for the light of God that lives above me, around me, showers upon me, and lives within me. My heart is a manger for this truth, where my Christ reality continues to be loved and honored.

    Your words are profound, that we are “already home”, and home is “where we are”.

    Once the “home” of the kingdom of heaven within is touched, it is the sanctuary, the manger, the holy place of love and light that no outer circumstance can ever take away.

    The opportunity to be here on earth to demonstrate the kingdom within that becomes the kingdom without in thoughts, life, hopes, dreams, world., is a Christmas gift from God that is priceless.

    I pray to live in the now and to ever remember to give thanks for this most precious opportunity.

    As Jesus, the way shower, demonstrated a life of “God in action on earth”, I pray my footprints in the sands of time may also help to light the way to the true home – the kingdom of heaven within, that it may manifest without in visible ways “without” to those also called to this mission – to bring peace and love on earth and to claim this world for God and his great vision of a world of brotherhood, peace, purpose, opportunity, love. Praise God for opportunity!

    In this walk God gives us precious ones to walk with and to love that are priceless beyond words to describe. Truly these are the most precious Christmas gifts from heaven shining brightly (though invisibly) beneath the Christmas trees of in our worlds. Sparkling, shining forth in the presence of those in our worlds we are gifted to touch with love.

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