All things are possible

It’s been an interesting week so far. Lots going on personally and professionally. If a person weren’t careful, she could feel tired and overwhelmed. Good thing I’m aspiring to be a self-care ninja when I grow up.

The list of things I could be worried about is long, projected revenue not coming in on target, my house is filled with boxes for moving this weekend, 2 of my coworkers are out of the office for various health related reasons, and another coworker is having surgery next week. Yesterday I woke up to, “your the worst brother ever”, 3 big homework assignments are due next week, oh and then there’s Christmas shopping I haven’t started.

Whew. What a list! I could curl up in a little ball and hide under the covers until everything gets figured out. But while that sounds cozy, when is everything ever “figured out”.

Another option is to get up and go through the motions of my day feeling anxious and overwhelmed. I tried that yesterday and frankly, it didn’t look that good on me.

A third option is count my numerous blessings and believe in what’s possible. Believe that goodness and love are in my life. That things will work out just how they are supposed too.

Today, I’m opting for option three. I’m getting out of bed early. I’m making a hearty breakfast, feeling gratitude for the abundance in my life and believing that all things are possible.

Good morning!


2 thoughts on “All things are possible

  1. Praise God for the fire and love in our hearts that transforms the darkness within and without, and regardless of current circumstances, holds high the vision, flame, and torch of a Mighty Victory! I guess it’s the World Series season for the heart of love, of compassion, of peace, strength, of vision, holding fast to the birth of a greater measure of the Spirit of Christ in the manager of our hearts – a strong and peaceful presence, birthing new worlds. Loving you, Mom

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