Live Free

Life. A journey with many roads, hills, valleys and beautiful views.

Life can feel complicated in this age of gmo vs. organic, alternative vs. public education, Black Friday or Giving Tuesday. If we didn’t feel overwhelmed or anxious from time to time, we would either have to be asleep or an Ostrich with its head in the sand.

I’ve been meditating recently on what keeps is centered when we have so much input coming to us everyday.
What are some touchstones that keep us grounded when things feel out of control.

Some of it I think is attitude. Keeping our focus on what is working in our lives instead of what isn’t.

Some of it is intention too. Choosing to focus on our priorities instead of becoming swayed by the new shiny object or trend.

And a lot of it is about mindfulness. Enjoying the moment we are in fully instead of worrying about the past or present. We can either take a walk and see nothing because we are busy “figuring out” things, or we can talk a walk, breathe and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It’s our choice.

So I say, take a long slow walk breathing in fresh air. Eat a cupcake when you want one. Kiss your sweetheart soundly whenever possible. Meditate on gratitude. Realize you don’t have to figure out everything with your brain, let Live drive and enjoy the ride!

It’s either that or move to Antarctica to escape the busyness of life, and I hear it’s cold there.

So here’s to rolling up our sleeves, screwing up sometimes and eating the occasional Twinkie. Here’s to welcoming joy into our lives, breaking free of our own barriers and embracing life by living freely!


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