Finding your Center through love

The year came to a close. So many beautiful moments and learnings in 2013.

I discovered what a road trip with three kids and my honey feels like, I got a promotion and started working full time and gave myself the gift of doing less as much as possible.

My daughter learned she loves soccer, sleepovers and baking. My oldest son discovered new friends, basketball and new problem solving skills. And my youngest guy learned he loves to play chess, draw and to use his words.

I discovered how to trust the man who loves me, even though I’ve been burned before.

I had the flu for the first time in many, many years. There have been many new learnings in this process, like rest, and rest some more and let people do things when they offer. Take care packages (thank you honey!), allow the house to be a mess, it’s ok to watch TV during the day, and wear pajamas a lot. I’m almost recovered, hallelujah!

I’ve had a lot of time to be still in this process, most of the time with a very fuzzy head but none the less still. It got me thinking about centeredness. What keeps us centered, grounded, in tune when we or the world gets out of whack?

In this case, love kept me going. Hugs from kiddos, “I love you” texts from my honey, phone calls from my Mom. How could I observe my life to be anything other than rich beyond measure?

I definitely have “woe is me” moments but this moment feels like a it’s about gratitude.

Love is centering. Sometimes that’s all. We just get to feel love and receive kindness from those that love us.

Sure, there are many important techniques for staying centered…exercise, writing, spending time with friends, and taking quiet time. And when we are sick or having a challenge that feels overwhelming… sometimes we have to just let go of trying to “fix” it and let love take care of us and help us find our footing again. Not the easiest learning for those of us that are used to doing everything ourselves, but a good and healthy learning.

Happy New Year, here’s to love, health and centeredness.


One thought on “Finding your Center through love

  1. Dear Wise Woman,

    Your words are so wise, loving, beautiful. Just like you! Speaking for those in your world – we are grateful for you, we love being part of this journey together, and we thank God for your presence with us!

    Loving you, Mom

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