Enjoy this life, how it is and how it comes

Being in the present moment and enjoying it is such a beautiful thing. The appreciation of the sunset, the song of the morning bird, the bubbles in my hands as I was dishes.

It’s also a skill, practiced daily for some and a new idea for others. During my meditation last night, I chuckled at myself. My brain was everywhere! Like a team of wild horses that I kept trying to rein in. Some days are like that. Excited about life, our brains are everywhere at once. Other days are calmer, more centered.

I have found tremendous value in practicing mindfulness as a skill. If our desire is a clear and focused mind, practicing mindfulness, quiet gratitude and focused intention are pathways to this goal.

Is it always easy? No. Is it healthy to be lighthearted and laugh to ourselves sometimes? Absolutely.

It’s also refreshing to enjoy the moment or situation how it comes.

We can unknowingly put a lot of pressure on ourselves to “have it all figured out” or “meet that next goal”. When was the last time you did nothing? Nada. I did a bit of nothing this weekend and it was incredibly balancing and I highly recommend it.

This life, this moment is a beautiful gift, enjoy how it presents itself. Even if it looks different than you thought it would. Inhale and exhale. And repeat. And add a little smile for flare.

That’s all. Enjoy today!


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