Women- we’ve come a long way baby

We women have come a long way in the last few decades. We have female CEOs, the option to take our babies to work, nannies, Mac and cheese in a box for working moms, and a whole lot more.

I had lunch with a friend today who told me more about her ex-husband. He was charming and “won” her, they got married and then he turned into a different person. He became very traditional and demanded dinner on the table 7 days a week even though she was the primary breadwinner. He would go for a run, but she had no time for exercise.

I talked to another friend about birth control. The options for women kind of stink. You can put hormones in your body in a variety of ways (that have all kinds of side effects), you can put stuff in your body, or you can have major surgery. Boy, if that doesn’t get you in the mood, I don’t know what will!

This all led me down a feminist tirade. How is it in 2014 that women are still making less $ for the same job as men and some ladies still have get dinner on the table? That we can’t figure out a wholistic, healthy method of birth control?

We can put a man on the moon and invent google glasses but we can’t figure out how to provide equitable pay?

I’m not mad at men, I just get upset by the system in our country every once in awhile.

I personally feel very blessed to have a partner who loves to cook, help kids with homework, play sports and is very supportive. A couple nights this week he has had dinner on the table when I got home, and he works more than full time! Thanks honey. Xo

I’m just saying, it’s time for a little equality, behind closed doors. Dinners and birth control, lets start there. Fellas that support their women are wonderful advocates and allies and we love that. That’s an excellent start. Now somebody just invent a pill for men and teach more guys how to cook, then we will be starting a revolution of quiet equality. I support that.


One thought on “Women- we’ve come a long way baby

  1. I appreciate your vision of inequalities, which I too have experienced as quite vast. This shows up in so many ways in our world. That’s why I’ve dedicated time daily to a spiritual process that is my way of doing what I feel called to do to help create a world of truth, of God reality. Our assignments are all so unique!

    As you have wisely said along the way – it’s good to pick your battles. For those of us who love to see beauty and truth reflected around us in nature, and in the lives of those we touch, an acute view of a world yet in pain and suffering, is a challenging one to “take in” and to “process”.

    I think true equality is only found when people discover their own truth as God beings, and follow their unique callings of the ways in which they can make a difference to turn these “dark” areas of our world into “light” – into “equality” – into “true peace”. As I see it, Jesus’s words of truth, are a key place to start. As he said “the Kingdom of Heaven is within.”

    When people know that sweetness, that place of love, of truth, of peace, internally within, then they are in the position of their own God reality, and in position to hear, and follow, whatever is their calling, using their talents, to help create a world “without” that reflects this. I love the statement: “This above all to Thine Own Self (the True Divine Self) be True, thou canst not then be false to any man (or woman).”

    As each one has unique gifts to bring into this work, of recreating our world, that it may reflect once again the paradise of God reality it was intended to be, I am so thankful for people who give of their gifts in this process. This is definitely a world in need of resurrection! And as you pointed out, it’s not in need of more material stuff and gadgets that don’t move this vision forward. I have a very long list that I pray for daily of situations that are far, far, far from what God intended for our planet. It’s painful, but vital, to take a look beyond the veil that keeps these things invisible to us, and keeps people unaware and unawake of the changes needed.

    As we know, where our attention goes our energy flows. Personally, I love focusing on the beauty and truth of this world, and feel this is quite vital – to magnify the truth and beauty in us and around us. I’m grateful that I have found a way to also engage in a spiritual battle (through my “decrees” – prayers spoken out loud) to give energy to the Angels and Masters to go into these situations. After my sessions at the altar – 1,2,3 hrs. depending on the day, I have done what I’ve been called to do, and then in peace and love I am free to go into the areas of service God has given to me – always with the hope and intention to be the greatest blessing I can be to those God gives me to bless.

    Loving you, Celebrating you – your strength, depth, vision, and the beautiful garden of God that you bring into your world, and into the lives of those who are blessed to be touched by your beautiful spirit!


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