Change! We all say we want it. That we want to create it in the world. But then, when it shows up in a big way, it can be unsettling, scary even.

When it feels like everything is changing around you, a job, housing, etc. What do you do to stay centered and peaceful? Do you walk and breathe or eat cupcakes and curl up in a fetal position? To be honest, I’ve tried both. Cupcakes and big naps seem to make my jeans not fit and make me feel like a victim to the changes around me. Walking and breathing make me feel more balanced and centered even when change swirls around.

It can be easy to forget how to manage change. When life is busy, it can seem easier to medicate through sugar, alcohol, self sabotaging behaviors like staying up to late watching TV. But the truth is, we all have the power to be successful and even thrive when change comes our way.

We are moving into a new house this weekend. It’s a beautiful home from the 1940’s with a huge garden and it’s walking distance to our local food co-cop. I’m super excited. And I’m nervous too because it’s different. The “what if” questions start streaming through my brain. What if it’s too small. What if there aren’t kids in the neighborhood. Etc, etc.

One of my favorite coping mechanisms when my brain tries to go into overdrive, is to get curious. Just to notice my brain trying to figure everything out. It’s very thoughtful of my brain to attempt to figure out every possible scenario. But really what I need is to give myself a little compassion, reassurance and comfort. Instead of letting my brain walk through every possible situation, tonight I am going to take a break from packing boxes, pour some tea and treat myself kindly, as I would a good friend.

This move is going to be different and also wonderful. This new house is going to be a home of joy and family. It’s going to be filled with color, healthy food, laughter, friends and caring. I am so grateful for this next step. And as I sip tea in the middle of what could look like chaos, I breathe, smile, exhale and know that everything is going to be alright. That change is good, and this new adventure has joy written all over it. So here we go!


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