All kinds of life – savor it.

Big, bold days filled with kids laughter, work priorities, love and spiritual connection. This is my life. It’s full, overflowing at times. The schedule of sports, meetings and to do lists can feel complicated at times. This is real life.

It’s a constant act of balancing, adjusting priorities, eating more or less ice cream depending on the season.

What’s the lesson when life is full to the brim? Enjoy. Soak up the moments that fill your life with love. If you don’t, you will just feel like you are rushing around with no purpose. My purpose is love. To love my kids, my partner, my work in nonprofit service, my family, my home and my friends and neighbors. It’s really that simple.

What are you doing today to share a little love with the world? Go ahead- smile at someone, buy coffee for the person behind you in line, think the best of your boss, share an inspiring thought on Facebook. When life feels full, I give. It opens my heart even more and helps me appreciate the beauty if my abundant life. When life feels full, I savor. Soaking up the moments- the spices that make up my morning coffee, the daffodils springing awake, and the rainbows between the raindrops.

Go ahead, give yourself permission to enjoy the beauty of your life. Take off the “I’m so busy glasses” and put on your “appreciation” glasses. The view is very different. Enjoy the view!


One thought on “All kinds of life – savor it.

  1. Absolutely beautiful! A wonderful testimony of the power of divine perspective, in the midst of whatever life brings. Loving you! Mom

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