Grow where you are planted

images (1)It occurs to me that sometimes we make life to complicated. The bustle, the schedule and the sometimes unknown assumptions can feel so serious and “important”. When really, it’s pretty simple.

The daisy and the sunflower know how to do it. From where they are planted, they grow towards the sun. Ever stretching to feel the warmth of the sun on their faces. The daisy does not compare herself to the sunflower, for one they are constructed very differently and two, they are both exquisitely beautiful, in different ways.

How much energy would we conserve if instead of trying to fix our broken childhood, family history, or personal drama, we just acknowledged that some messed up things happened in our past and moved ON! So many of us walk through life with huge backpacks of regret, hurt and disillusionment strapped to ourselves. Some people know they have this extra weight, others don’t, they just feel weighted down for a reason they can’t explain.

I have spent years working on what is in my backpack. I come from a family of psychologists and healers and I grew up talking about my feelings. It is good to talk about feelings instead of not, but at some point, you just have to get over it.

I chose to move on with my life. To grow where I am planted. In this moment, I have a new job as a development director in Higher Education, I recently ended a relationship, moved and I am a single mom of three beautiful kids.

This is reality. It’s driving a minivan, working full-time, homework, school potlucks, and after school sports. There are moments of ridiculous laughter, good talks with friends, a little more chocolate that is necessary, and big hugs from the little loves of my life. This is a rich life. Someday it will be less overwhelming but right now it just is. I keep breathing, eat quinoa in addition to chocolate and believe that I am more capable than I feel at certain moments.

It’s truly amazing what the kids and I have built together, a home and a family. It all started by growing where we are planted.



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