All kinds of wonderful

bigstock-Free-Happy-Woman-Enjoying-Natu-483220432Today I realized that my life is all kinds of wonderful. Sure it is busy, and there are challenges but today I just want to take a moment to revel in it.

This week has been super full. 40+ hours of work plus three baseball games,one football game, 2 parent meetings, and 2 volunteer activities. At the beginning of the week I was freaking out, thinking how am I possibly going to do all of this, three of the nights were double or triple booked. I spent some time freaking out and then I realized that was not super helpful. I spent some time quietly reflecting one morning and realized that I could either be stressed out about my stress, or I could breathe into it and embrace it.

So I embraced it. It turns out when you do that instead of fight against it and feeling sorry for yourself, its WAY easier. This week, in between meetings or on the drive from one place to another, I just slowed it down. I heard once that we should operate at about 85% of our capacity. This doesn’t mean under perform, it means reserve a little bit of energy for just yourself, to observe what is happening around you throughout the day. Full disclosure, I usually go full tilt, like 125%. So this concept was a new one for me, and I thought I would check it out. At first it felt weird, like I wasn’t doing my best.

As I continued with it, I started to notice new things.

  • Like the blue-hazel eyes of my youngest son, they are extraordinary. I would have completely missed them if I just rushed him on to the next thing.
  • The kindness in my new coworkers as we talked about what acts of service we would like to do at the college. These thoughtful folks when given the chance to explore the idea came up with a food drive and possibly an on site food bank, a clothing drive for students seeking work and a book drive to encourage engagement in reading and literacy.
  • My dear friends who help me unpack boxes in our new house, come over and cook with me, send supportive messages, make me laugh and text with me until late at night. These acts fill my heart with gratitude.

Kindness is everywhere if we take the chance to look for it. Even if you are going through a challenging time, that is only one aspect of the magnificent kaleidoscope of life. If you are looking at dull colors, just rotate your focus a bit and you will be amazed that the brilliant hues radiating in your life.

Here’s to life, it truly is all kinds of wonderful.


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