Leading from the Heart

HeartHandsI am blessed to be surrounded by friends who lead from their heart. Today I decided to share just a couple of their stories. They inspire me everyday to work for a better world, focus on health and well-being and to get outside and play.

Story 1: Advocate for gun safety

I have a dear friend, mother of two who recently began to lead the effort to improve gun safety in our town. She works full-time and in her spare time she advocates for tougher gun laws to protect our children. I have seen her at the capitol holding signs surrounded by moms and she has hosted many gatherings at her home to education our neighbors. She gathers petition signatures, carrying loads of extras petitions in the trunk of her car to share with others. I ran into her recently in the grocery store with her 2 kids in the cart – she was wearing a gun safety t-shirt and grocery shopping. She doesn’t have to do this volunteer service, but she is choosing too. She has brought tremendous awareness about weapons and safety to our community because she is leading from her heart.

Story 2: Health and wellness champion

Another friend of mine has a deep connection to mind, body and spirit wellness. She has been in the health care field for many years. She works with clients young and old to strengthen their muscles to improve their quality of life. She works one on one with her clients, every day. She works full-time and is a single mama of 2. Not only does she work with her clients to improve their physical being, her clients share stories and she listens. Sometimes she listens because that is what they need, other times she coaches them through a transition or shares ideas on what might soothe their soul. She has helped hundreds of people heal. This friend leads from her heart.

Story 3: Nature’s teacher

This friend has always had an interest in education and nature. She worked in schools for many years and volunteered for local organic food growing non-profits. For the last couple of years, she has worked in an outdoor school teaching children about nature and the outside world. She loves her work. She is a single mama of one, she commutes daily to do this work that fills her soul. She was just excepted into a graduate program in education focused on ecological learning. She is following her passion and leading from her heart.

Story 4: Me

My life work is to inspire people to recognize their own goodness,  to encourage them in the journey towards finding what makes their heart sing. So that they put down whatever thing they think they “have” to do and start doing something meaningful for themselves and others. For years I have been a nonprofit development director, raising funds and encouraging volunteerism for missions I believe. I love this work. Last week I received the largest single gift of my career and it will create hundreds of scholarships for students. That gift felt good to the giver, it will feel great to the students and it made my heart sing. I have always loved this work, but it wasn’t until I became a single mother to three kids that I realized how important it is.

Story 5: You

What is your story? Give it some thought. I bet you are leading from the heart in ways you don’t even realize. And if not, there is always time for some course correction. Everyday is a new opportunity. Go, do what makes your heart sing. The world will truly thank you.


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