Love with your whole heart

images (8)I’ve seen big love and I’ve been hurt in relationships. I have meet people my age who are bitter because they have been through a lot emotionally. Some that have sworn off love, like is a bad affliction. Others that get too close too fast because they are tired of being alone. Nobody has the perfect answer of how to go about loving again after a painful experience, but still we try because love is beautiful.

I’m in a healing process at the moment and not every second is shiny and perfect. But here is the thing, when I have the chance to fall in love with someone amazing, I’m going for it. Sure, I have learned things and I will choose I little more selectively next time. But I have experienced love, the kind that takes your whole heart, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My friends say I shouldn’t think about love at this point, that men are gluten and I’m allergic (which is true, the gluten part, not the guys). That I should focus on rebuilding, family and home. I hear that, I totally do and I am.  But I can’t help but say that while I may be on the bench for a bit, I’m not done, don’t count me out. I want a big, caring love that just…fits. A love that I don’t have to try to make it fit, I don’t question all the time, I just exhale into love.

I will get there. I don’t know what road to take on this journey nor can I mapquest directions. I just have to believe that at some point love will show up and I will know. And when I do, I will love with my whole heart.



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