Back to the basics

images (11)It feels like fall is starting today. Yesterday was 90 degrees and the sun was bright in the sky, today I feel like a couple of leaves have falled to the ground.

There are times in life that call for us to go back to the basics. A new routine, a change in the seasons, the end of a relationship.

Back to basics means different things to different people. If you are a runner and you haven’t in a while, getting out the running shoes is a start for you.

For me it is about getting back to writing everyday. It is also about allowing myself to feel the changes of the season. It’s about healthy food and spending time with my children. Time when I am not exhausted but truly present to the myriad of things they want to tell me, all at once.

It’s also about being real with myself and recognizing that I have a a little work to do. We just moved into a sweet house, school has started and now I have time to feel. So this morning, I choose tea instead of coffee, I light a candle, write and let myself get back to the basics – health, well-being, love and family.

I will probably wear something soft to work today, something that cradles my shoulders and feels like I am receiving a hug when I brush against something. I will wear a pretty color so that I remember I am part of the rainbow of humanity, and everyone is walking their own unique journey that we are not privy too. Today, I will be kind to myself and not rush around or wear 3 inch heels. Today I will get back to basics and that starts with caring for myself. I had a dear friend who told me once “treat yourself as if you are uniquely precious”. Today I choose to do that.

images (12)


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