Miracles and messengers

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves on auto-pilot because life gets so busy. Moving through the days, getting tasks completed, moving from one meeting to another as the outlook calendar dictates.

A cog in the wheel of humanity, we keep on going in the hopes that our efforts are creating something larger, something significant.

I’m in one of these moments right now.

You never know when something amazing will happen on the road of responsibility.

Sometimes it’s as simple rain after a drought, waking up your senses. Or the advice of someone you care about that warms your heart. Or a loved one’s calm listening to the storm what feels like the current version of your life.

These acts of kindness are life’s messages and little miracles. Tiny gifts sprinkled throughout the day. Sometimes overlooked or unseen, but still present. When I remember, and look around just a little bit, I’m amazed and at all of the beauty that surrounds me.

Today a co-worker brought me a bouquet of pens. Wrapped thoughtfully, because she knew I was on a 12 hour day. This kindness, this tiny thing, made me remember there are messengers and miracles, everywhere. No matter how “bad” the day looks.

Remember, that love is all around us. How will you be a messenger of kindness today?


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