Questions from the parking lot

This evening, I have been observing the people around me. Usually, I’m too busy on the way to here or there.

Tonight, as I sat eating my tofu noodle soup, a group of people dressed in goth talked about computer games, tattoos and joked rudely with each other.

A crying child in her carseat, her prescription on top of the car as mom tried to give her medicine and console her.

A yelling woman came out of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting yelling “call the police, I don’t care!”

Somedays there is so much struggle in the world it makes me want to run and hide under the covers.

I wonder how social workers, nurses and counselors release what they have seen during the day and come home with kind smiles for their families.

I see why monks meditate, why adults drink, and kids play video games to escape the realities of their days.

I pop a dark chocolate in my mouth and read the message in the wrapper, searching for the answers to my questions.

Why is there struggle in the world?

Why are some people born into wealth and luxury and others walk miles in the rain lugging bags of groceries from the discount store?

Why do some people find a love that lasts a lifetime and others grow older searching for love?

Are all of our paths pre-determined based on astrology and destiny or is it all happenstance?

A man lights a cigarette before he gets his baby girl out of the car.

I overhear a woman telling her friend about bi-polar syndrome.

The rain starts, and people drive off to their next destination. I wonder if they are asking questions about life like this too?

As for me, I will go grocery shopping and then home. And tonight I will hug my kids just a little bit tighter.


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