The Princess and the Farmer

0x600I have so much to say, and not the words to say it with. So I will tell you a story…

Once upon a time in a not so far away land, there lived a princess. She was generally a kind and giving princess. She liked shoes, traveling to new locations, reading inspiring words and looking up at the sky.

Now even though she was a princess, her life had not always been easy. Her prince turned out to be a frog. The kind that leaves a gal penniless with three hungry little mouths to feed. So the princess, needing to figure out something to do, pulled herself up by her bootstraps and got a job. She worked hard, raised those kids into healthy young people. At times she was weary but she was surrounded by love and that was the most important thing.

As time went on, and routines became predictable, she decided she wanted to share her days and nights with someone. A friend told her about a man she should meet. He was a farmer, a writer and a poet. She had always liked the written word and so she thought she would try it. Disclaimer: She thought she would *try* it, but she wasn’t incredibly trusting after the prince/frog incident.

So they met at a pub, he was handsome with blue eyes, built strong like a farmer should be. She was wearing purple, with her brown curls waving as she walked in. When they met, it was like they had known each other for years, they instantly felt a connection. They sat and enjoyed a meal, talking excitedly about the world and what they knew of it. As the evening came to a close, the farmer walked the princess around the town, showing her things she had never seen before.

The princess and the farmer met many times after that. For years, they courted while raising kids, crops, and jobs. There were so many moments when the stars looked down on these two lovers and smiled. These two were beautiful together.

Their love was bigger than time and space. And yet, there was something that made it not quite fit. Neither of them could figure it out. They loved each other immensely and had glorious times together but somehow it would never quite stick. He pushed too hard like the oxen in the soil and she tried to change him into royalty so she could feel safe. He didn’t want to be royalty he was perfect just the way he was and she needed space to breathe.

The farmer was the hardest working man the princess had ever seen. People from miles around admired him and what he produced. She believed he would farm 1/2 of the land in the kingdom someday. But for some reason, he didn’t believe it.

He thought she was beautiful. He pointed out how people would stop and stare at her. But she couldn’t seem to see her own beauty.

And so they came to a place where they couldn’t figure out how to be good for each other. Apparently, they had things to discover, by themselves. So, with much sadness and hard goodbyes they parted ways.

As time passed, they would look for each other in the stars. They wrote love poetry back and forth from time to time, some of the most beautiful words written in the history of love.

And so it goes, this story has no ending. Just two people trying to find their way in life and in love. Fairy tales usually end with “happily ever after”,  and yet we just don’t know how their stories will end. If not with each other, hopefully very happy in other ways.






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