A change in winds – slowing down to wake up

winds-of-change-300x294It feels like it’s time to do something different. I don’t know what that is but I can feel the wind changing. So much busyness, 3 kids in sports, big job…Is this really how it has to be done?

Our society seems to value this overextended existence so much. Women in leadership are masters of organization and producing high performing offspring.

What if I want my kids to be good at sitting quietly in a field of daisies and enjoying the breeze on their skin? What if I want to see less productivity and more whole living from the people I supervise?

In the age of Google workplaces and free soda if the workers keep producing, how do we encourage soul-leadership? The kind of of leadership that comes from within and balanced with self care, creates a whole new way of being.

When was the last time you did something healthy for yourself that wasn’t an obligation? When was the last time you  truly let your soul catch up with you? I haven’t done something like that in so long, I’m honestly not sure I remember how. That’s kinda sad…

I think I used to do it, take a long walk by myself, read a book just for fun, just sit and watch the clouds move. I used to paint, have dinner with friends, dance. In the last several months, well years really, I have worked and raised kids. Those are really important. But as life continues to speed up and I buy more food from Costco to be efficient, I wonder if these are really the values I hold, or if I have just bought into the way I think it sound be done.

I buy a Starbucks coffee every morning and I check emails in my phone at the the traffic lights. 10 years ago I didn’t have a cell phone and only drank tea out of a reusable mug. How easy it is to “modernize” at the sake of our values and not even realize it.

Something needs to shift with our food culture too. Either we need to invent the meal cube like on Star Trek that has all of our daily nutrients packed inside, or we need to realize Mother Nature truly has some wisdom and start growing our own food and supporting farmers.

The garden at my last home was beautifully designed, produced food and yet I never went out there because I was too “busy”.

I don’t know the solution to the uber-busy family issue of the day. Maybe it starts with small steps like, washing out my reusable coffee mug and making my own coffee. Or not planning anything on a Saturday…I know, crazy right?? Maybe it has to do with reassessing our values and checking to see if we are truly a living in alignment with them. And if not, taking action to fit it.

So tomorrow starts with the use of my own coffee mug. Tonight it’s leftovers, and chillin’ on the couch with my kiddos for a movie and snuggles.

How about you? How will you de-busy your life?





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