Love, lessons and ice cream

You know that thing where you realize something so obvious, that it feels like you just walked head-first into a door? That happened.

I’m a pretty functional human, if I do say so myself. By no means do I have it all together but I have a wonderful family, good job, loving friends, and I make a mean pot of soup.

I was walking with a friend today who makes me laugh out loud, sometimes at something she says, and sometimes at myself. We were talking about love and relationships and health and well-being. I was trying to convince her why it was a good idea to work through my issues with an ex-boyfriend. You see, I have a great deal of love and respect for this ex, he is a seriously fantastic human. The kind of human that it is hard to let go of, even if the relationship has proved not to work. So, as I was saying, I was telling my friend how great he is and how we could work on things together. And then, she stops in the middle of the walk, stretches her arms out as far as they can go and yells, “no!”. Oh. That happened.

Sometimes we need friends to tell us when we are being unreasonable. Time to take off the rose-colored glasses mama and see it for what it is. Soooooo haaaaard toooo saaaaaay!

And here’s to friends for reminding us to be our most authentic self, when we forget.

Tonight, I turned one of my all time favorite songs, and thought about love. Man I have been lucky.

Here’s to love, it is truly delicious.







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