If life was a cupcake…

Morning’s quiet welcome has always been a great time of reflection for me. So many things to be grateful for, so many questions about life percolating in my brain.

This morning I started thinking about cupcakes. I know, meaningful right? It’s either because I’m hungry, or because my family watched a cupcake cooking show before bed. Either way, we can learn from all things I figure, even a cupcake.

If our life was a cupcake, there would be many options to focus on. The wrapper – sometimes shiny, or fashionable, it can be functional or distracting to the deliciousness inside, but still it is only the wrapper. What’s happening inside is the real deal -the cupcake. The cake part of the cupcake is important, dry or moist, it has to hold up the frosting. The cake has to be the right balance of incredible or it will fall apart, or be has hard as a rock. We all have choices on how we balance the ingredients of our lives, if that cake isn’t working for you, change up the ingredients until it is something truly tasty. Then we have the frosting- to me it’s the good stuff. It’s what happens when the cake is balanced and on top is the sugary sweet stuff of life. Frosting is light, fun, might have sprinkles or decorations. It is the flare of the cupcake.

In your life do you focus more on what is outside, or inside? How is your flare and fun?

Today my life would be a spice cupcake, pretty balanced and getting more delicious everyday. It would be in a harvest themed wrapper because I love this season, filled with ginger and apple compote, because our lives should have good stuff in the middle. The frosting -piled high- would be cinnamon sugar with candy fall leaves and sparkles on top, because reminders of nature and the sparkle of the stars inspire me.

As you go about your day, ask yourself this… If my life was a cupcake, what flavor would it be? Wisdom can come in lots of forms, sometimes even from a cupcake.



2 thoughts on “If life was a cupcake…

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