Gentle permission to unravel…

IMG_0200.JPG It’s November 1st, one of my favorite months of the year when we focus on what’s important, family, gratitude and the harvest.

I woke up this morning thinking about ways to decorate the house for this season. Down come the cobwebs and Halloween decorations to make way for more candles, fall leaves and warm colors.

As I think about warm colors, spiced cider on the stove and pie crusts baking in the oven, I think about love and gentleness.

Gentleness sounds so easy and it is with my kids, but with myself, it can be more challenging. You see, as a single mom I have to have everything figured out, or at least I think so. My expectations can be high for myself because I figure, I am the only one and if I screw up, something bad could happen. Most of the time, it’s all pretty scheduled and figured out so that things run smoothly. But sometimes, being the one in charge can be anxiety producing. The “what if” questions creep in instead of the “I’ve got this”. The truth is I’ve totally got this. And… I could use some time to unravel a bit of this tapestry I have created that is too tightly woven in certain places. It ok to be gentle, forgiving, and understanding in this season, even with ourselves. When we do that we are better friends, parents, workers and partners.

So today, I am allowing myself to be a little slower than most Saturday mornings. I might even not do a load of laundry today, crazy huh? I might go for a walk or allow myself to feel feelings I haven’t had time for. I don’t know exactly what I will do but I do know it will be gentle.

May your November start with grace, gratitude, love and some gentleness.


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