Life goes on…

Ah life, it sure keeps us growing doesn’t it?!

I went home early from work today because I was not feeling great. On my drive home, I saw an ex of mine walking the lake and holding hands with his new girlfriend. Ouch.

She looked nice enough, they were holding hands the way we invented.

First, it felt like someone slugged me in the stomach. Then, I felt sick. Next, I cried and called my mom. Now, I’m just disappointed. He told me I was the love of his life and always will be…um, baloney.

Relationships, oye vey.

I wish him well even though we didn’t work out. I hope he is being good to himself.

Tonight I took a walk and just kept on walking until the sun set. It’s going to be ok, better than ok, great even, at some point.

At some point maybe I will be grateful to him for pulling off the bandaid so quickly on my ouch. It’s all part of the process of love, loss and learning.

And so, on it goes. Life, what an adventure. May you all find love, the kind that lasts and fills your heart with deep warmth.



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