Making a impact – with love

Why do the certain people make such an impact on us? A part in our heart forever. Sure we might feel the pressure less or differently after time, but they are still with us no matter how far away they go.

Our lives are made up of moments and interactions with others that help shape who we are and who we are becoming – if we are aware enough to let them. The clerk at the grocery store opening my eyes to the beauty of tattoo. The students on campus, goal oriented coming from all kinds of backgrounds and here to get an education that will open doors to the dreams. The interaction with colleagues that shows me how I want to behave when I grow up and how I don’t.

And then their is our family and loved ones. They are remarkable teachers, it’s not always an easy learning but it is still learning. Our families are a mixture of good intentions and human beings. Some mistakes and some beautiful lessons. Our loves, we must be drawn to them for a reason, these are great teachers and sometimes healers as well.

As we go through life, there are so many chances to make an impact on others. A smile here, some good listening there, a proactive suggestion vs. a complaint. We choose to either live this life blindly, or with intention. I choose intention. To share love with the world even when I feel a little bruised myself. You never know when that tiny act of kindness will be the exact thing that someone is needing that day.

My wish for you today is that you feel loved and that you share that love with the people around you. We can all make an positive impact on the lives of others if we start from that place…love.



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