Warmth of the season

20141112-063737.jpg I just came inside from taking the recycling bin to the curb. It’s 6am, freezing cold and the sky is alight with sparkling stars. I love this time of day, just me and the sky.

As I came back inside the house where my children as all snuggled asleep, I started to think about what warms me up.

There is of course the classic – the sweater, many of which have lived in a box in my closet for some time. They will be coming out to visit during this season.

There is coffee, dark, black, rich, with just a hint of cream and I splash of cinnamon, that’s my style.

But then there are the more intangible things that warm the heart, the laughter of my kids as they play a game, my clean kitchen after a healthy meal, my scarves hung in a rainbow from red to purple welcoming me into my closet.

There is sitting back and observing after a job well done. The smile of a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. The crunch of the fall leaves as I walk around the lake.

So many things keep us warm in this season. Sometimes we just have to step back and then we can see more clearly how truly blessed we are to be surrounded by warmth.

Stay warm out there or even better, remember how warm, cozy and loved you already are.


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