The Greatest Idea

Today I came up with the greatest idea. The kind of idea that causes you to jump out of the shower, throw on a robe and write it down before you forget it. No time for clothes at a time like this!

I got out the big paper and did a Mindmap so I could see how all of the parts of the idea connect together. I love mind mapping, you can do it for anything. I find them incredibly useful and I have done them for work, relationships, projects I want to work on, etc. Here is a how to photo in case you’ve never tried it.


So back to this idea. Did I mention how great it was?! It could change the world.

How do you take an idea from vision to reality? Great minds do it all the time – google, apple, etc. Can you google how to turn an idea into reality? I did. And there were no short answers to this one.

I started to think about who I would want to share this idea with…and then I got a little sidetracked…and then one of my kiddos started asking me questions…and then other kiddo wanted to color with me…

So back to this idea…I will start with picking one small piece to explore. Taking small actions can lead to remarkable results, we all have to begin somewhere.

So tomorrow, while working my day job, I will take a 10 minute time, just to explore ideas. After I put the kids to bed, I will write a little more about it.

You never know, amazing things have happened by starting with little steps and a big, great idea.


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