A morning in the life of this mama…

Some days it’s an absolute miracle that we get out the door to school.

The other day was was one of those.

My daughter had a celebration at school. She had to bring a photo of someone special and items to add to a little altar to remember that person. She also needed to bring potluck item with a Mexican flare. We decided Mexican Hot Chocolate. She started the hot chocolate last night, after 2 hours of stirring it looked like spiced up mud. We tasted it and it tasted like it too. We threw it out and started over. This time based on our adventure, we decided to make a Mexican Hot Chocolate pudding. It turned out AMAZINGLY well.

My daughter was also starting Volleyball, so she needed knee pads and gear for that after school. It was also, fancy clothing day at school so she spent the morning trying on my gowns.

I walked my daughter into school with all of her gear. Then I drove across town with my boys and through the coffee stand for my morning Americano. As we drove to school, we listened to “Superwoman” by Alicia Keys and talked about chess and baseball. I dropped the boys off at school, drove to the college where I drove around in circles to find a parking spot. Finding one, I grabbed my lunch, coffee, purse, the work I took home, and an umbrella because it was pouring.

As I walked in juggling the pieces of my life, I laughed and said to myself, “Good job Mama, you made it”.

Parents of the world, may you have a beautiful day and don’t forget we’ve got this!


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