A walk awhile ago

A few years ago on this day, I was waiting on pins and needles to see if the man I loved was going to choose me. You see, we had a long and “it’s complicated” relationship. Lots of beginning, endings, hurts and love. It was his turn to reflect on if he wanted to get back together and put the effort in that we knew it would both take.

It was almost Thanksgiving for goodness sake. I kept thinking this is the time to be with your family, not off “sightseeing” with your “friend” who happens to be a girl.

I didn’t hear a word from him on Thanksgiving. I hurt all over. In between stuffing and potatoes, I would go to the bathroom and just cry.

A lot happened as time passed. He did end up calling and we spent a year together. We wrote poetry together, talked about changing the world, traveled, lived together and then, it ended.

I don’t know how or where he is these days. He could have moved to another country for all I know.

All I know is this, people come into our lives and bless us with their love and presence for as long as they were meant too. Then they move on to what they are meant to do next. And a piece of them stays with us long after they are gone. A familiar place or special holiday will remind us if how lucky we were to have them in our lives.

I walked along a trail we used to walk the other day and sat on the bench we used to share together. I am grateful for these memories and for love. Always for love.


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